OMG Speed Increasers - Spindle Speeders


The OMG "MOX" series of spindle speeders has been designed and developed to offer a product that ensures maximum reliability and precision in milling and drilling. From design to static and dynamic testing of the finished product, our spindle speeders use the most advanced technical and technological know-how.

The compact construction, the heat-treated steel parts and the ground gears on the involute guarantee transmission of high power ratings with amazingly low noise levels. The spindle is supported by a set of preloaded precision ball bearings with oblique contact that ensure greater strength and rotation precision less than 0,01 mm.

The MO spindle speeders series is lubricated with a long-life synthetic grease that is practically maintenance free. The test certificate enclosed to each spindle speeders guarantees the quality of the product. Our products have always stood out for their sturdiness, flexibility and easy use and maintenance and the MOX spindle speeders series is an additional proof of such outstanding features.

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