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The BT/BTA broaching systems have been developed to machine internal keyways inside blind or through holes using CNC machine tools

We offer two different solutions for the internal keyway machining

The first is the BT system which is used on CNC machine with a "Y Axis" and Slotting machines, The holder is available with cylindrical connection either 25Ø or 32Ø. The maximum broaching depth goes from 30mm to 160mm

The second system is the BTA, this is the same as the BT system but in addition has a eccentric graduated bush. The BTA system is usful when the machine tool is without a "Y Axis". In this case the eccentric bush can make the perfect alignment between the slotting tools and the work peice.. The eccentric bush is available in three different outside diameter - 32Ø 40Ø 50Ø

If you send us a drawing of your work-peice we can recommend which slotting tool suits your application.

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